Program Fees

Application Fees

$125.00 (new families)

$150.00 (re-enrolling families) * after 2/28/2020

Group Class Fees/ Tuesday & Thursday only

3rd-6th Group Classes

$200.00 per class/Tuesday/Thursday

7th-8th Group Classes

$150.00-$300.00 per class/per year

9th-12th  Group Classes

$150.00-$600.00 per class/per year

Study Hall Fee

$200.00 per year


Oversight Fees

Families w/ Students in Grades K-12

$266.00 annually

Official/Unofficial Transcripts (K-12)

$10.00 each

Late Grades Fee

$50.00 per grade report

12th Grade Graduation Fee

$300.00 per student

Additional Grade Reports



Other Fees

Parent Volunteer Hours Fee (did not complete mandatory hours)

$400.00 annually/$50.00 monthly 

Dress Code Violation Fee


Mandatory Meeting Violation Fee (did not attend  meeting)


Add Fee (applied unless classes are dropped by October 5, 2020)

$50 per class after deadline, if space is available

Drop Fee (any class dropped  after October 5, 2020

Fee will NOT be refunded

Late Payment Fee

5% of outstanding balance

Check Return Fee


Probation Fee

$25.00 per month