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Welcome to SHABACH 3.0, where we provide comprehensive oversight, on-site classes (K-12th), concurrent college enrollment, and a basketball program. Oversight includes one-on-one consulting to assist families with class selection, curriculum and group and on-line academic choices. Monthly field trips, academic projects and social events for students of all ages are also available. Our goal is that each student becomes a master of academic skills, a life-long learner, and an example of Godly character.

We will offer additional parent trainings, such as, assessing how your student learns and the basics of homeschooling. This focused assistance can help with developing a successful homeschool experience. We will be  setting up one on one meetings with parents to help discuss the resources your children will need for this school year. You will be guided through the entire process. Our team will assist with putting together each family’s homeschool plan/schedule for the new school year.

We provide resources and information about how to get started, setting up a home school, lesson plans, grades, plus administrative oversight, instruction, and evaluation for each family's home school program. We also offer bi-weekly parent updates, special activities, field trips and other programs.


SHABACH! Christian Academy Homeschool as an approved Maryland Umbrella supervises individual programs of home instruction through operational guidelines, procedures, systems of accountability, and counseling adequate for program implementation and maintenance. The academy maintains the regular files and transcripts associated with normal academic procedures, and acts as the official academic representative on behalf of each member’s home school program.

Our homeschool program is approved by the state of Maryland but we are not accredited. (Our K-8th 5-day a week Academy program is fully accredited.)The main place where accreditation matters is when a student homeschools and then returns to public school. The public high school usually requires students  to take a subject test for each unaccredited homeschool course completed in order to receive a pass/fail grade. Because of this policy we recommend that students who choose to homeschool for high school complete their high school career as homeschoolers. Some private schools will accept the homeschool credits, but each school is different. Please check first.

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