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Umbrella Program - Oversight

At SHABACH! Christian Academy Homeschool, we offer two types of Oversight Membership:


The New Family Membership:

  • Provides resources and information about how to get started, set up your home school, lesson plans, grades, plus what is offered under the current membership program.


The Returning Family Membership:

  • Provides administrative oversight, instruction, accountability, and evaluation for each family's home school program. We also offer bi-weekly updates, parent meetings, field trips, school pictures, special activities and other programs.


Services We Provide

·     Oversight for K-12, Portfolio reviews, transcripts preparation.

·     Referral of group classes

·     Guidance counseling, high school transcripts, diplomas and graduation 


·     Student workshops

·     Parenting workshops and fellowships


Umbrella Program Includes:

  • Pre-enrollment Conference: Offers insight and information about our program. Provides an opportunity for families to be interviewed.


  • Central Record Keeping: Maintains office files including curriculum used, lesson plans, evaluations, standardized test scores, grades, attendance & transcripts for high school students. The Academy also verifies instruction, provides information about transfer to other schools, and entrance into college.


  • Personal Consultation: Offers recommendations for setting up a course of study based on the individual student's strengths, interests, and areas of special needs.


  • Three annual Portfolio Reviews by Supervisory Personnel: Provides evaluations to encourage and empower families and to ensure they are meeting state requirements.

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