Oversight Program

At SHABACH! Christian Academy Homeschool, we offer two types of Oversight Membership:


The New Membership:

  • Provides resources and information about how to get started,      setting up a home school, lesson plans, grades, plus what is offered under the current membership program.


The Current Membership:

  • Provides administrative oversight, instruction, accountability, and evaluation for each family's home school program. We also offer bi-weekly updates, a lending library, parent meetings, field trips, school pictures, special activities and other programs.


Oversight Includes:

  • Pre-enrollment Conference: Offers insight and information about our program. Provides an opportunity for families to be interviewed.


  • Central Record Keeping: Maintains office files including curriculum used, lesson plans, evaluations, standardized test scores, transcripts of grades, attendance, etc. The Academy also verifies instruction, facilitates transfer to other schools, and entrance into college.


  • Personal Consultation: Offers recommendations for setting up a course of study based on the individual student's strengths, interests, and areas of special needs.


  • Home Visit by Supervisory Personnel: Provides evaluations to ensure families are meeting state requirements.

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