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About SHABACH! Christian Academy Homeschool


Anita M. Gibson

Homeschool Director



My name is Anita M. Gibson. I have been involved in the home schooling movement since the 1980’s. My husband and I home schooled our three children from kindergarten through 12th grade over a span of 20 years. In my position as a home school director, I speak on various home schooling topics and mentor families through the home school process. I have been the director of SHABACH! Homeschool since 2002, this includes directing group classes, high school guidance counseling and oversight for families. Many students have graduated from 12th grade through the academy and entered universities and colleges all over the country. These students now hold various degrees, are members of the military, successful business men and women and upstanding citizens in our community. I am honored to be a part of preparing the next generation and look forward to working with you and your family as you navigate the world of Home School!

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