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Trina Ferguson

Author, Speaker, Founder of Trina Cares, LLC

Trina R. Ferguson is a New Jersey native who resides in Maryland with her husband of 20 years, her three children, and their dog. For over 12 years, Trina has homeschooled their children and has recently graduated their first born. Through the many ups and downs in her homeschooling journey, she realized that homeschooling her children was God's way of growing her up. So, she wrote the book, Lessons Learned From My Homeschool Day: Learning from the Good, the Bad, and the Icky Lessons to help you through the day for those who needed a bit of encouragement and a transparent story to help them mature along the way as well. In 2020, the world took a crazy turn and we all found ourselves home. This was difficult for the not so home homeschooling family. Trina was encouraged by her cousin to rebrand her business, Ferguson Family Values, and present to the new and veteran homeschool community the love and care she has for people and sports. Trina Cares, LLC was created to encourage students and families to have fun while living, learning, and loving through academics and sports' opportunities.

She started with her very first student-athlete client - her son. For the past two years, Trina has dedicated her time to learning about the sports' recruiting process beyond what she already knew from walking alongside her son. Through webinars, classes, talking to coaches, parents, student-athletes, and professionals, Trina has begun to help other student-athletes walk through the process of being able to achieve their goal of playing sports on a collegiate level one day. Trina also finds time to tutor in group class settings and help homeschool parents with the behind the scenes responsibilities of the college sports recruiting process. For more information about Trina Cares, LLC please email

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