Program & Class Referrals



Welcome to SHABACH 2.0, where we have shifted from onsite/online group classes to a Tutor/Online program referral. We will provide one-on-one consulting to assist families with class selection. Each family will be individually walked through the process of locating and signing up for classes for their students. Our consultants will access the needs of each student and suggest possible class options.

The academic courses (which were previously a part of our group class program) will now be offered by tutors and other organizations (including online) who will create their own individual classes and will work directly with families, including receiving the payment from parents for each of their student’s classes. Guideline and payment details are forthcoming through a program & tutor link. Tutors will enroll approximately10 STUDENTS PER CLASS.

Don’t forget to register your student for the Fall. Parents MUST officially register their students. Go to the Application Tab.