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"Homeschooling - You Got This!"



This Homeschool Conference is one of a kind. It's not a SHABACH thing or an HSLDA thing. We are partnering to bring together many homeschool groups and various programs in our area to let NEW HOMESCHOOLERS and those considering it know that HOMESCHOOLING IS POSSIBLE! It's about offering resources that can empower CURRENT HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES TO SOAR TO NEW LEVELS. 


We understand we're NOT in a competition with other homeschool programs because we believe that as long as parents receive the assistance they need to homeschool well - WE ALL WIN!! Looking for tutors, classes, consultants, coaches, curriculum, used books, free books? Join us and see the amazing resources that are available to support your homeschool journey. Come meet our awesome sponsors - BJU Press, Apologia & National Homeschool Advocacy! See what amazing resources these organizations have to offer. We also believe in including curriculums that are culturally relevant. Our workshops are just for you! 


Come see what resources we have to help diverse children and teens see themselves in their curriculum and let us share why that's important. The registration link is below. SEE YOU THERE! #hslda SHABACH Christian Academy 

Our Schedule

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Meet The Speakers

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Anita Gibson

Opening Session

Our Partners and Sponsors

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